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Our collection includes a variety of teas, ranging from delicate green teas to robust roasted teas and fragrant matcha. We ensure that every tea we offer is of the highest quality and exceptional taste. You can trust that each sip will be an experience, allowing you to savour the distinct characteristics of Japanese tea.

At our store, we take pride in offering a wide selection of carefully chosen delicious teas sourced from different regions of Japan. Each tea is curated by our Japanese tea ambassador, Madoka Mills, who is passionate about sharing the unique flavours and aromas of Japanese tea.

Experience the excellence of Japanese tea with our carefully curated collection. We are committed to delivering only the finest teas to enhance your tea-drinking journey.

  • Hojicha is the best!!

    Miho W.

  • In love with tea since I found Cha Haus. Stocked up and ready for friends to come over.

    Suzanne B.

  • My go to morning brew. The new Asatsuyu is delicious.

    Josh Y.

What is Cha Haus?

Cha Hausとは

The journey of Cha Haus began with the recognition that it was challenging to find fresh and high-quality teas that could be truly enjoyed in Japan. This realization served as a catalyst for me to share my own tea and cultivate a deep desire to introduce a beverage that is not only beneficial for the body but also not excessively sweet to the people of Australia.

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