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Cha Haus

Matcha Powder | 抹茶

Matcha Powder | 抹茶

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Cha Haus Premium Cafe-Grade Matcha won a gold medal at the Golden Tea Leaf Awards. A finely ground powder made from specially grown and processed green tea leaves, is known for its vibrant green colour and rich flavour. 

Its flavor profile is refined and distinct, characterized by a careful balance of various taste elements:

Vibrant and Rich: This matcha is celebrated for its vibrant, rich flavour. 

Smooth Umami: One of the key features Cha Haus matcha is its pronounced umami taste. Umami, the fifth basic taste, is savoury and brothy, and in matcha, it's often described as deeply satisfying and complex.

Sweet Undertones: There is a natural sweetness in Cha Haus matcha, which is subtle and complements the umami and vegetal notes. This sweetness is not sugary, but rather a delicate, intrinsic aspect of the tea's flavour.

Creamy Mouthfeel: Cha Haus matcha is known for its smooth, creamy texture. When whisked properly, it creates a silky froth that contributes to a luxurious mouthfeel.

Vivid Green Color: The powder is a bright, vivid green, indicating its high chlorophyll content and superior quality. This colour translates into the brewed tea as well.

Minimal Bitterness: While there might be a hint of bitterness, it is usually very subtle and well-integrated into the overall flavour profile, not overpowering the other tastes.


  • Uji, Kyoto JAPAN
  • 100% Matcha tea (Camellia sinensis)
  • Keep in cool, dry and dark place

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Amazing matcha

Best matcha I've had! Amazingly umami, slightly sweet and very smooth. This is my new favourite matcha and I will be back for more. It's also super great value. Thank you!


Great matcha powder, tastes good and nice color. Definitely, will purchase again.

Carly Buteux
Love this matcha! :)

Such a delicious & vibrant matcha - my new favourite!

Yee Ching Hui

Matcha Powder | 抹茶

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