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Organic Hojicha | 有機ほうじ茶

Organic Hojicha | 有機ほうじ茶

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Organic Hojicha is a Japanese green tea known for its distinctive characteristics, made unique by the roasting process of the leaves and stems, and further defined by being cultivated organically. Its organic cultivation ensures that the flavours are pure and free from synthetic chemicals, offering a natural and wholesome tea experience.

Rich Roasted Aroma: The defining feature of Organic Hojicha is its deep, rich roasted aroma. This comes from the high-temperature roasting process, which imparts a comforting and warm scent, similar to roasted coffee or toasted nuts.

Nutty and Woody Flavours: The roasting process also produces nutty, woody flavours in the tea. These robust flavours are more pronounced in Hojicha compared to other green teas, offering a unique taste experience.

Low Bitterness and Astringency: Organic Hojicha has significantly lower bitterness and astringency than un-roasted green teas. The roasting process mellows the tannins in the tea, resulting in a smoother and gentler flavour.

Slight Caramel-like Sweetness: The organic leaves, when roasted, can develop a subtle caramel-like sweetness. This natural sweetness is a delightful contrast to the tea's earthy and smoky notes.

Lower Caffeine Content: Due to the roasting process, Hojicha generally has a lower caffeine content compared to other green teas, making it suitable for evening consumption.

  • Uji, Kyoto JAPAN
  • 100% Roasted tea (Camellia sinensis)
  • Keep in cool, dry and dark place

Hot Brew Method

1. Place your Cha Haus Hojicha dark roast in a teapot (about 3-5g of tea per 300ml of water).
2. Add water at temperature of 85-95°C.
3. Steep tea in pot for one minute before drinking. Reuse the tea soon after to make a second pot. (No need to steep the tea a second time -- just add more hot water and serve.)

Cold Brew Method

Recommended Warm or Hot

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