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Hot Brew

Place your Cha Haus sencha in a teapot (about 3-5g of tea per 300ml of water).
Add water at temperature of 70-80°C.
Steep in pot for one minute before drinking.
Reuse the tea to make a second pot. (No need to steep the tea a second time -- just add more hot water and serve.)


Cold Brew: Cha Haus Method

Mix your Cha Haus sencha and water in a jug (6-10g of tea makes 1 liter).
Leave in fridge to steep for at least 60 minutes.
Drink tea same day for best flavor. (Remove tea from water to keep longer.)


Ingredients: 100% Japanese green tea.
Storage: Keep in a cool, dry, and dark place.
Origin: JAPAN

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