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Organic Sencha | 有機煎茶

Organic Sencha | 有機煎茶

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Organic Sencha, a popular type of Japanese green tea, is known for its refined and refreshing flavour profile. Grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, this organic version often highlights the natural characteristics of the tea. 

Fresh and Grassy: Organic Sencha typically has a fresh, grassy flavour, reminiscent of spring greens or a dew-covered meadow. This is a hallmark of many high-quality green teas.

Mildly Sweet and Umami: There's an underlying sweetness in Sencha, often described as a subtle, natural sweetness. Along with this, it exhibits an umami quality, a savoury depth that enriches the taste.

Slight Astringency: Sencha can have a certain level of astringency, giving it a crisp and refreshing edge. However, this is generally not overpowering and is well-balanced within the overall flavour profile.

Bright and Clean Finish: Organic Sencha leaves a clean and refreshing aftertaste, making it invigorating and enjoyable to drink.

  • Uji, Kyoto JAPAN
  • 100% Green tea (Camellia Sinensis)
  • Keep in cool, dry and dark place

Hot Brew Method

1. Place your Cha Haus Organic Sencha in a teapot (about 3-5g of tea per 300ml of water).
2. Add water at temperature of 70-80°C.
3. Steep in pot for one minute before drinking. Reuse the tea to make a second pot. (No need to steep the tea a second time -- just add more hot water and serve.)

Cold Brew Method

1. Mix your Cha Haus Organic Sencha and water in a jug (6-10g of tea makes 1 litre).
2. Leave in fridge to steep for at least 60 minutes.
3. Drink tea same day for best flavour. (Remove tea from water to keep longer.)

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