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Genmaicha | 玄米茶

Genmaicha | 玄米茶

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Genmaicha, also known as "brown rice tea," is a traditional Japanese tea blend that combines green tea with roasted brown rice. Appreciated for its unique flavour profile that balances the toasty, nutty notes of roasted rice with the fresh, vegetal qualities of green tea. 

  1. Nutty and Toasty: The most prominent feature of Genmaicha is its nutty and toasty flavour, stemming from the roasted brown rice. The rice adds a warm, comforting quality reminiscent of roasted nuts or popcorn.

  2. Mild and Smooth: Genmaicha tends to be milder and smoother than other green teas, with less astringency. This makes it a great choice for those who find other green teas too bitter or strong.

  3. Subtle Sweetness: There is often a subtle sweetness present, which harmoniously blends with the nutty and toasty notes of the rice.

  4. Unique Aroma: The blend of roasted rice and green tea leaves gives Genmaicha a unique aroma that is both earthy and slightly grassy.

  • Nishio, Aichi JAPAN
  • Green tea, Roasted brown rice
  • Keep in cool, dry and dark place

Hot Brew Method

Place your Cha Haus genmaicha tea in a teapot (about 3-5g of tea per 300ml of water).
Add water at temperature of 80-85°C.
Steep in pot for one minute before drinking.
Reuse the tea soon after to make a second pot. (No need to steep the tea a second time -- just add more hot water and serve.)

Cold Brew Method

Recommended to be brewed Hot

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